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Discipline. Compassion. Harmony. These are the driving forces of our school.

Tiger Crane Kung Fu dwells on traditional Chinese Kung Fu, and translates it into a modern world and real-life applications teaching the venerable Hung Kuen (also known as Hung Gar) system, deriving directly from the Southern Shaolin Temple of China. The Tiger style, known for its power and stealth, combined with the Crane style, fluidity and agility, create harmony though a versatile range of techniques.




Tiger Crane Kung Fu



“Known as Ta Mo, Bodhidharma is at the beginning of the lineage for the martial art of Shaolin Kung Fu. He began the training of Shaolin to enhance their chi flow and performance of physical exercises during the 5th century, surprisingly, to counter the effects of the monks’ sedentary lifestyle”




Our curriculum follows the following forms in order from top to bottom:

Gung Gee Fuk Fu
The oldest form of Hung Gar. Introduces beginners to Chi Kung (strengths of internal organs and development of chi)

Lau Gar Kuen
A form of one of the original 5 ancestor styles. This sequence on the variability and flexibility of techniques, with aim at power, speed, spacing, timing, and accuracy

Lau Gar Kwan (Staff)
From the Lau family, this form begins almost exactly like its empty-hand version. Lau Gar Pole combines strong stance-work with elusive thrusting attacks similar to the spear

Hung Jeh Kwan
Known as the two-point pole or the ‘monkey staff’, you will be taught to the fluidity of both ends through the demand of your core

Pek Kwa Darn Do
This sword form aims to teach the practitioner to defend him/herself against multiple attackers through the use of circular, stabbing, and slashing motions combined

Fu Hok Seun Ying
As the second pillar of Hung Gar, this form encapsulates ying/yang--utilizing the tiger fist, known for it's power fierceness, with the fluent, elegance of the crane fist, Fu Hok Seung Ying combines short-range with long-range techniques; hard and soft in complete harmony

Say Ga Yin Cheong
This staff form teaches the practitioner to defend him/herself using darting thrusts and spinning motions in combat against non-firearm weapons

Darn Do vs. Chin Cheong
In this sequence the practitioner learns the defense of butterfly swords against a spear

Chin Cheung
Known as the “War Palm” this form aims to teach the practitioner the fluent movement of vertical fist, the long punches of the crane, yet a large amount of short-range palm strikes and uppercuts

Sup Ying Kuen
As one of the “Four Pillars” of Hung Gar, this sequence aims to teach the practitioner the “Ten Forms Fist”, combining the movements of the five basic Kung Fu animals - dragon, snake, leopard, tiger, and crane - with the five elements of Chinese philosophy - gold, wood, water, fire, and earth

Pu Dao
Known as the “Horse Cutter”, this technique aims to teach combat against opposing cavalry with your weapon of choice

Tid Sin Kuen
The last of the “Four Pillars” of Hung Gar, also known as the “Steel Wire”, is an advanced form with emphasis on further development of the chi. This set aims to teach the practitioner special breathing techniques, Chi Gung movements, stance, and hand techniques




Hi! I’m Ammil Garrison, your future Kung Fu instructor.


I have been a martial arts student for 26 years. More specifically, a practitioner of Hung Kuen for 18  years and, under the approval of my Sifu (teacher), Fred Lee, I have been joyfully teaching Hung Kuen Kung Fu for 9 years. My purpose is to harness and pass on the sacred features of this ancient art. My goal is to preserve the wisdom and essence that was left to us from the Chinese ancestors. I find honor in preserving the essence of the original teachings precisely while connecting its practical use in today’s society. I strive to treat all with compassion and respect and to promote exemplary martial/spiritual practice.


Class Schedule/Intro class

Adult Kung Fu ( age16 and up) - Thursday 7pm-9pm,  Saturday12 pm - 2pm
Children’s Kung Fu--No longer available

Come and try an introductory class for free! This gives you the chance to experience Hung Gar Kung Fu, as well as my teaching style, giving us both a chance to determine if we are a fit to work together.




Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Emails or phone messages will be anwered withing twenty four hours.

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New students : Please complete this Google form with all the fields required, then make your class payment on the button above or bring your payment on your first day of class. We will respond to your application within 2 business days.